Just released! “Knowing: An Empath’s Guide to Intuitive Development” by Terry Lynn Pellegrini and Patricia “Patti” Vargas

4 Jan

The question of intuitive development is how to tap into intuition and believe that this information will give us the guidance we need to live the best life possible. Equally important is the knowledge that intuition will also allow us to become the best version of ourselves at almost every opportunity. – Patricia “Patti” Vargas, Knowing, An Empath’s Guide to Intuitive Development

I am excited and pleased to announce the release of a work two years in the making. Knowing is a compilation of knowledge regarding the development of intuition by myself and my coauthor Terry Lynn Pellegrini. We began our journey as practitioner and client, and this led to friendship and collaboration.

Knowing literally answers questions posed by our social media followers regarding intuitive development, and Terry and I have inserted many stories from our experiences as well as the wisdom of combined decades of practice and teaching. As coauthors, we each give our unique perspectives, written in our own voices, as well as offering practical exercises and guided meditations that readers may use to develop their intuition more fully.

Everyone has the ability to develop their intuition to one degree or another. A question often asked is “Why should I develop my intuition? Isn’t critical thinking and analysis enough to solve problems that occur in my life?” Truly, both critical thought and analysis are excellent tools to possess. A highly developed intuition, however, adds to the efficacy of thought and analysis, and provides another mechanism by which life enhancing decisions can be made.

Knowing is an easy and enjoyable read, with exercises that are helpful and fully explained. We encourage anyone, whether you are a beginner or someone who has been developing their intuition throughout their life to purchase and read this book. It also makes an excellent gift for anyone you know that may need that “nudge” to begin their journey into intuitive development.

Below are the links to both Amazon and Balboa Press where this book may be purchased in hardcover, softcover or e-book formats. Enjoy!



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