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Water as an Essential Element of Weight Management

22 Apr
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Yuck…water! That’s what most of my clients say. But drinking water is an essential component of health, wellness and weight management. In fact, it’s just as important as food management and increased activity. Why? Because it aids the body to eliminate toxins and waste.

Yup. That’s the big, heavy gorilla in the room. The aspect of weight loss that is not discussed in polite society. However, it is the aspect that will help you the most to achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals. As your body sheds the fat layer through reduced calorie intake and increased activity, it also sheds the toxins that are stored in that fat layer. Those toxins are shed with the rest of your waste material, and if they are not eliminated, your weight loss may stall. Keeping my bowels clear makes me feel lighter and healthier.

Most health experts recommend that you should drink at least eight, eight ounce glasses of water each day. That’s a good place to start, and of course it depends your own physical needs. How much you drink is important, but so is the timing of your hydration.

I have found that a glass of clean, filtered room temperature water first thing in the morning really gets things going for me. Literally and figuratively. It really jump starts my elimination process. I always put a glass of water on the counter before I go to bed at night. (If you are concerned about “floaties”, cover it with a paper towel.) I drink the water within one half hour of waking, and usually in about an hour, the process begins. Your experience may be different with this depending on your own physical condition.

In addition, water can help with hunger. If you feel hungry, and you have eaten within that last three to four hours, you may actually be thirsty. If you don’t stay hydrated, your body will cause you to feel hunger so that it can get hydration from food. So when I feel hungry when I’m not supposed to, I will drink a glass of water and wait about 10 minutes. If I’m still hungry, I will eat a meal or a healthy snack.

And it doesn’t have to be plain old water. You can add citrus and herbs to make a tasty and health giving spa water. Herbal caffeine-free teas, hot or cold can also be consumed for necessary hydration. So…bottoms up!

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